Dylan Armstrong for Hawaii House Mānoa Valley - University

Why Iˈm Running

About Dylan

Aloha, I’m Dylan Armstrong, and I am running for State Representative because I am the right candidate to maintain our unique heritage in the Mānoa and University neighborhoods.

As an urban planner employed by the private sector, I can bring rare experience to our legislature. I challenge myself each day to create value for my employer, and that will be my attitude in office if you honor me your vote to serve you.

I was the first from my family to complete a 4-year degree.  My parents were bookkeepers who trusted in numbers and plain-speaking. My father served in the Army during Vietnam. Putting myself through college, I went into environmental science. Later, I became a planner because of the demands for professionals skilled in analyzing data—something I learned from my parents. My grandmother (1914-2004) taught me compassion, but she was tough as nails. She was born during WWI to a blacksmith father and fruit-canner mother (1895-1993), the latter of whom I also knew while growing up. 

Now, it is my honored chance to give back to our people. I want to protect our neighborsˈ hard-earned savings, and foster opportunities for the next generation.

Let us keep our valley community a safe, outstanding place to live. I humbly ask for your vote for State Representative.

Dylan waving at the Mānoa Christmas Parade with Community Groups.

Dylan waving at the Mānoa Christmas Parade with Community Groups.


Employment Background

Urban Planner, Private Practice (current)


Transportation Improvement Program Manager for Oʻahu

Environmental Health Specialist IV

National Park Service Ranger

U.S. Forest Service Ranger

University of Hawaiʻi Biological Technician


Vice Chair, Oʻahu County Democrats

Board of Directors, Americans for
    Democratic Action (Hawaiʻi)

Co-Chair, Blue Zones Project Hawaiʻi

Mānoa Native Reforestation Project

Be Ready Mānoa

Sierra Club


Mānoa Neighborhood Board